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During the June board meeting, the WCSA Board of Commissioners voted to make two minor amendments to the High Bill Abatement Policy, which is designed to provide relief to customers who have experienced a water leak. These additions help outline the procedures customers should follow when asking for review of any unusually high bills that are the result of leakage.

The policy has been amended in two areas:

  • Customers who have experienced an abnormally high water usage as the result of a leak should keep any receipts related to repairs, whether from a hired contractor or the personal purchase of materials. (Receipts for personally purchased materials do not need to be dated to the period following the leak.) These receipts should then be submitted to WCSA, along with a written record of details related to the leak, whenever review of a bill is requested.
  • Adjustment of a bill will be made only when WCSA can confirm, with receipts and through verification by WCSA staff, that the leak in question has been repaired. WCSA reserves the right to inspect leak repairs for any reason.

Review the High Bill Abatement Policy, with these amendments included, in its entirety.