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Voucher Program

Construction Voucher Program

WCSA’s Connection Construction Voucher Program offers developers credit vouchers for water and/or wastewater connections for each lot where a connection has been installed in conformance with WCSA’s general specifications and guidelines (specifications and guidelines are available for download below).

Program Summary:

  • A voucher for each lot with a water and/or sewer connection is issued to the developer and redeemable only at (or after) the time of purchase of the water/sewer connection for that lot.
  • Residential water connection fee vouchers are valued at $750 and residential wastewater connection fee vouchers are valued at $640 (per WCSA Board of Commissioners’ Action – July 2008).
  • Only one (1) voucher may be used/redeemed per Application.
  • To redeem a voucher at the time of application, the voucher must be presented and match the lot for which an application is being submitted (no exceptions).
  • To redeem a voucher after application, the voucher must be presented to WCSA and match the lot that has already been applied for new service. If these conditions are met, the voucher amount will be paid by check to the holder.
  • Vouchers may be transferred by the developer to any other party. Transferred vouchers should be clearly marked with the name of the transferee.