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Email Address

Understanding Your Bill

1. Graph showing 13 months of water usage on your account

2. Your postal bar code for insuring proper delivery

3. Your mailing address

4. Your WCSA account number

5. Geographical area in which your meter is read

6. Date your billing was mailed

7. Number of units or services on billing account

8. Due date or when payment should be received in WCSA office before penalty is applied

9. Any arrearage balance will be disconnected on this date

10. Meter serial number

11. Usage period for meter reading

12. Amount of usage that registered thru your water meter

13. Reading for previous month and present month usage

14. Detailed information on payments received, current charges and adjustments to your account

15. Important information that could concern your account

16. Detach bill stub and return to WCSA for payment

17. Payment should be received in WCSA office before this date

18. WCSA address where bill should be sent for payment

19. To make address changes to your current mailing address

20. Amount of payment and check number

21. Bar code for accessing customers account for payment application

22. 911 Address where property is located