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Wastewater System Construction Specifications

WCSA has developed its General Sewer Line Specifications to be used for the design and construction of sanitary sewers to be owned by WCSA. These specifications are intended for use by WCSA and those constructing sewer collection systems that will come under the ownership of WCSA. All work performed for WCSA – either under its direct supervision or by developers/contractors constructing projects that will come under the ownership of WCSA – must follow these specifications.

Developers are encouraged to download a copy of the specifications. Thorough review of this document and strict adherence to the guidelines contained therein will provide WCSA management and engineering personnel the information necessary to perform an efficient review of the development project. All proposed projects must be formally approved by WCSA prior to the start of construction.

Additional questions pertaining to development should be directed to our engineering department at (276) 628-7151.