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Rich Valley Road Water Line Extension Project Will Bring
New or Improved Water Service to Numerous Residents

Early this spring, WCSA began construction on the Rich Valley Road Water Line Extension Project, which will not only increase the reliability of the service authority’s water system, but will provide new or improved water service for more than 100 homes along Rich Valley Road and Route 19.

The project, which involves the installation of more than 10 miles of new water line, will be completed through two separate contracts. The first contract, which is being constructed by Castlewood, Virginia-based Little B Enterprises, Inc., consists of installation of 40,000 linear feet of 12-inch and 8-inch waterlines. Scheduled for completion in November, this portion of the project will deliver new water service to 50 residences that currently rely on wells and springs. Some of these sources provide inferior water quality or do not offer an adequate water supply for residents.

The second contract is being constructed by McFall Excavating, Inc., also located in Castlewood, and consists of installation of nearly 15,000 feet of 12-inch water line and 1,300 linear feet of 6-inch and 4-inch water line. This portion of the project, which is expected to be completed this month, will provide updated service to 60 residences along Route 19 that are currently served by 4-inch cast iron water line installed in the 1950s.

“This water line extension project will bring clean and reliable water service for the very first time for a number of Washington County residents who live along Rich Valley Road,” said WCSA General Manager Robbie Cornett. “For years, these residents have depended on wells or other groundwater sources, which can run dry during periods of drought or supply water that does not meet acceptable standards for quality.

“In addition, construction of the new water line along Route 19 will expand WCSA’s overall water system and increase its reliability,” Cornett said. “It will also allow new fire hydrants to be installed along Route 19 and Rich Valley Road. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the residents in this area who have expressed support and enthusiasm for this upgrade, and provided easements to make this project a reality.”

Funding for the Rich Valley Road Water Line Extension Project, which is expected to cost $3.57 million, has been provided by the Virginia Department of Health through a $1.66 million loan and a $180,000 grant. The remaining portion of the project’s costs is being supplemented by WCSA.