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WCSA is Offering Free Vacuum Breakers to Customers

Feb 5, 2021 | News

As mentioned in the November issue of WCSA’s “In The Pipe” newsletter, water in a garden hose can be drawn back into our water supply in many ways, creating a potential risk for backflow of contaminated water into our homes, wells, or neighborhood or municipal water supply.

Using a simple, inexpensive vacuum breaker on your hose bibb (exterior spigot) can help avoid this hazard. A Hose Vacuum Breaker (HVB) is a simple device that screws onto the hose thread of your hose bibb. It does not interfere with the use of the garden hose and allows the water to flow normally, but opens and vents to the atmosphere if a pressure reversal occurs.

To help ensure that our customers are protected from such a backflow event, WCSA is offering a free vacuum breaker that can be installed on your hose bibb. Customers may stop by the drive-through window at WCSA’s administrative office in Abingdon to pick up a vacuum breaker.

Customers may also contact Steve Barton, WCSA’s resident project representative, at 276-608-9721 to have a hose vacuum breaker delivered and installed, or to schedule a survey to assess your needs.

By taking steps to prevent backflow, you are not only protecting your neighbors and other WCSA customers, you are protecting members of your own household.