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WCSA’s Meter Replacement Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Because WCSA’s Meter Replacement Project is nearing completion, we are updating our customers on what these new water meters provide and how they impact you.

New WCSA Water Meter

Why are our water meters being replaced?

Like many things, with age comes deterioration, and over time water meters begin to slow and eventually stop. Older meters become less accurate as their moving parts wear out and are more prone to maintenance issues. As a result, they are unable to effectively track the total amount of water moving through them.

WCSA is replacing all water meters across our entire system with meters that perform reliably and accurately throughout their projected 15-year minimum lifespan. This project is part of our strategic planning process to provide for the long-term needs of current and future customers.


What are the existing meters being replaced with?

Existing positive displacement (moving parts) meters are being replaced with ultrasonic (no moving parts) meters. The accuracy of these meters does not degrade over time. These meters will be installed with smart water meter technology using Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI).


What is Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)?

With AMI, WCSA will be able to read your new water meter without having to personally access your property. The meters will also automatically collect readings multiple times per day as well as on-demand, instead of one reading each month. This automated process will allow us to provide improved customer service through data access, reduce water loss due to leaks, and improve operational efficiencies by capturing real-time meter data without drive-by readings.


Will the new meter cause my monthly water bills to increase?

Once your old meter is replaced with a new meter, your first bill may be slightly higher. That is because the new meter is measuring your water usage more precisely, and your old meter may not have been fully measuring your actual usage. After the first bill or two, you should expect to see the usage level out.


Do I have to pay for the new meter?

All costs related to the project are recouped through our existing water rates.


When is the project expected to be completed?

Water meter replacements began earlier this year and are expected to be completed by the end of 2021. The AMI communication portion of the project is currently in the testing phase, which is expected to be completed by March 2022.

How will I know when my new meter is installed and operational?

Signs the meter has been replaced include:

1) A brief water outage

2) Seeing a technician replacing the meter

3) Noticing a new lid on your meter box

4) Noticing a slight increase in your bill (if the old meter had
slowed or stopped)

5) A combination of the above


When will I receive my first bill with this new system?

Many customers may have already received a bill for part or all of a month with the new meter. By February 2022, all customer bills should be based on the new meter and new meter readings.

How will I access my water usage data?

Once the project is completed, you will receive a notification for a smartphone or computer application that will provide real-time data about your water usage. We will also provide instructions for online account maintenance.